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Oct 01st

Homemakers’ Meeting Wrap-Up

The February Homemaker's meeting was held at Sanders Road Club member, Barbara Harper's house in Springhill.

The following club members were present from the Sanders Road Club: Christine Snider, Janice Hare, Betty Null, Ruby Wise, Mary Alice Stevens, Elizabeth Tripp, Annie Whaley and Barbara Harper. Shongaloo club members present were Idelle Simms, Virginia Benson and Debbie Williams.

Evergreen Club members present were Charlotte Martin, Frances Foster, and Florence Goyanes. There were also three guests, Barbara Harper's daughter, Judy Noles from the Heflin Club and two friends of Barbara Harper, Sister Aebischer and Sister Parkerson.

After a delicious lunch, the meeting was called to order by Snider. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Null. The first order of business was to fill out yearbooks, which was not done in January.

Whaley gave a devotion about laughter. Laughter is good for you, so she had everyone laugh together. A lady, who was loaded with burdens ran across this clipping and after reading it her burdens were lifted. It stated simple things to be thankful for such as wrinkles don't hurt., etc. She ended with another good laugh with everybody.

Snider, gave a short program on planting from an article written by Joe White.

1.) The planting time for shrubs and trees is running out. They should be planted during the dormant stage. If planted after March they don't have time to grow the root system that's needed to survive.

2.) When planting a tree - plant same depth as in the pot but dig the hole twice as large in width as the root system. Do not add potting soil or other soil in the hole. Use the same soil that was taken out of the hole.

3.) When buying a plant, the root system is all bound together so be sure to pull the root system apart. This is called tickling the roots.

Snider introduced a special guest, Patsy Cline to entertain us.

Whaley, dressed the part, sang and acted out the song "I've Got Your Picture." Her performance was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The March meeting will be in Springhill at Janice Hare's house.






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